Ep. 9: A Big Time of Seeking

My father has been a big influence on me, including how I approach counseling work. In this episode, I interview Dad about his experiences as a Hospice nurse.  We talk about learning to listen, be present, and “get out of the way.” We also touch on our relationship, including the closeness, pain and healing that we’ve […]

Ep. 8: Understanding My Own Process

Tina Tannen, PhD, LMHC, was initially reluctant about the premise of the podcast. After some consideration, she decided to come on the show.  Tina’s commitment to her own ongoing development yielded rich conversation about her views on therapist self-disclosure and reflections on self-acceptance. She also contributed a long list of resources. I’m expecting many of […]

Ep: 6: Learning to Listen

Laurel Nesbit is a registered intern in Mental Health Counseling who works with people in crisis. She talks about how her own therapy helped her learn to feel and be aware of herself as a person, and how she uses this awareness with her clients. We also discuss boundaries in counseling relationships. She was kind enough […]

Ep. 5: On Caring and Carrying

Dr. Meggen Sixbey, LMHC, LMFT and I talk about the ways we care for and carry our clients with us as we move through our personal lives. We discuss our role as professors and supervisors and what we believe matters most in counseling relationships. Meggen and I have known each other since my graduate school […]