Ep. 16: The Power of Anger

Stevie VanAusdale is a counselor and mother who has been navigating life in a wheelchair since she was 17. She talks about the accident that paralyzed her, the power of anger, and finding love (and babies) in unexpected places. She also shares about how her first counseling clients helped her remember her own humanity. Join […]

Ep. 15: All I Know is Real

It’s been awhile since I recorded an episode for the podcast, and I am so glad that Dr. Nicole Karcinski, psychiatric nurse practitioner and mother of two, sat down with me for this conversation. I was reminded of why I started the podcast, and how much I need and value these opportunities to connect with […]

A tribute (of sorts)

This week, someone dear to me passed away without warning. This person was near retirement, and arguably the healthiest older-ish person I knew; she basically died while exercising. There’ve been a lot of emotions and a background gnawing sadness. Grief, I’m discovering, is literally physically exhausting. But through it, no booze. No cover-ups (well, there was that chocolate cake, […]

New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! I’m sitting on the couch in my fleece pjs on a chilly Sunday morning, drinking coffee and still waking up. It’s the New Year and I’m preparing to return to work after a holiday hiatus, during which I filled myself up with reading (fiction–not self-help or psychology books, for a change!), silence […]